Rolanjona Revitalizing & Moisturizing cream for men


Men’s Skin Moisturizing Cream 50g

Balanced and moisturized, it is thoroughly blended with Shea Butter Essential Oil to moisturize and not stick, balance skin oil and moisture, soothe dry and tight, and maintain natural comfort.

Defends Moisturizing Refining moisturizing ingredients of algae plants, moisturizing and locking water, reducing the damage of the external environment to the skin, giving the men a fresh and continuous skin

Elasticity Extracts the essence of sage, enhances skin elasticity, improves uneven skin tone, rough skin and other skin problems, and refreshes vitality.

Ingredients: avocado extract, melon fruit extract, wild soybean seed extract, hydrolyzed coral algae extract, sage leaf extract, etc.

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